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From an early age art became Jorge's refugium from a turbulent life, where his earliest memories are painted with strife and uncertainty. In the midst of this, he discovered solace through creativity. His background has gifted him with a distinctive lens through which he view life—a pragmatic and logical thinker in pursuit of solutions. This perspective has molded his art and evolved over the years.

Jorge's art spans a diverse range of mediums, from the raw, expressive world of graffiti to the refined techniques of fine art. This dynamic shift in mediums allows him to convey a wide range of emotions and concepts.

His artistic style is characterized by its adaptability. In his early days he embraced the street's vibrancy and energy, incorporating bold colors, dynamic lines, and urban elements into his work. As he transitioned to fine art, Jorge retained a sense of grit and authenticity while embracing more traditional techniques and aesthetics.

His art often explores the intersection of contrasting worlds—poverty and prosperity, chaos and order, and the visceral emotions with the calculated decisions of life. He drawns to the idea of finding harmony in juxtapositions and using art as a medium to bridge these divides. His work conveys a sense of resilience, innovation, and the power of transformation.

Selected Artworks

1- Composed of small screens pretending to show social programming.
2- Composed of three doors, representing our daily choices for indifference, good or bad.
• Most go out into the word each day by way of the door of no intentions - intending neither bad nor good - but when we do so, we invariably return by way of the dark door.
• It's only as we go out into the day through the light door - the door of intending to do good - that we will return by way of the middle door or if our intentions are maintained, through the door of good intentions.
Quem sai aos seus_2020
Tree Solitary, 2021
Presents a stark and haunting scene as a solitary, dead tree stands ablaze, its charred branches reaching towards the darkened sky. The painting conveys a powerful sense of desolation and destruction, with the flames consuming the tree's once vibrant existence, casting an eerie and fiery glow that contrasts with the surrounding darkness. This artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the impermanence of life and the destructive forces that can shape our natural world.
Quem sai aos seus
Tree Solitary
Is a composition divided into two distinct sections, each capturing a different aspect of the journey into the heart of Sao Tomé and Principe's culture. It pretends to show what was the coffee plantations unfurl beneath a radiant tropical sun, evoking the vibrant growth and natural beauty of this island. In contrast, reveals the labour-intensive process of harvesting using slavery to work in farm and sex workers. Together, these two parts of the painting tell a story of both the bountiful, idyllic landscape and the human sacrifice that went into producing the world's most cherished coffee.
The book: “CACAU at Sao Tomé e Principe” – Page 10, part 1 and 2 2023
The book: “CACAU at Sao Tomé e Principe” – Page 10, part 1 and 2
The book: “Leidenschaftlicher Aufruhr” – Page 20, 2023
The book: “Leidenschaftlicher Aufruhr” – Page 20
Visual exploration of upheaval and passionate chaos. It portrays a dynamic and tumultuous scene of a girl trying to masturbate but not being able to due to an overwhelming sense of emotion and tumultuous energy.
Depicting a desolate figure making a grim choice in a harsh, exploitative world. The artwork serves as a poignant commentary on the human toll of economic hardship and desperation.
The book: “Cleaning houses for a escudo a day and making floral bouquets from tin cans and crepe paper which she sold door to door for 0.25 escudos a piece.” 2023
The book: “Cleaning houses for a escudo a day and making floral bouquets from tin cans and crepe paper which she sold door to door for 0.25 escudos a piece.”
A colossal, tormented giant, enveloped by writhing serpents, embodies the infernal chaos of human fears and mythological nightmares.
Snakes and Giants 2019 
Snakes and Giants


Born              Lisboa, Portugal, 1985

Education      Street

Resides         Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023              Fate’s Unfolding

2023              Most hated

2022              GUT!

2022              Last Words from Periphery II,

            , Zurich
2021              POPUP682


Solo Exhibitions

not available

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