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by La Gran


Echos of the Future

Curated by Ludovica Cadario in collaboration with de Filippo Contemporary

Opening Saturday 24. March, 12 -18

Calle de Nicolás Morales 38, 28019, Madrid
Exhibition from 28.02.-15.03.2024
Opening Hours: Mi-Sa 14-18 or on request

Collective exhibition in collaboration with Gabinete (La Gran). La Gran is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2015 and located in Carabanchel that represents and supports the work and career of fifteen artists interested in the interaction of aesthetic phenomena with their social or political contexts. For this collaboration, curator Ludovica Cadario has selected the artist Luis Pérez Calvo, represented by the Madrid gallery, the Swiss collective Protoplast and the Belgian-Swiss artist Sève Favre representing de Filippo Contemporary. The exhibition has as its thematic focus the changing and the anomaly. The fetishized society of Luis Pérez Calvo in the process of disappearing dialogues with the permanently reversible, multiple and interactive works of Sève Favre, and with the artifacts generated by the anonymous trio Protoplast, anomalies of the representation of images and their perception.

Artists featured by de Filippo Contemporary

Sève Favre


Artists featured by La Gran

Luis Pérez Calvo

Galería Nueva


Opening Saturday 24.March, 18-22

Calle Alejandro Sanchez 94, 28019, Madrid
Exhibition from 28.02.-15.03.2024
Opening Hours: 

De Filippo Contemporary takes over the industrial facilities of Galería Nueva in the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel for a month to show a group exhibition of eight selected artists. A perfect event to take the pulse of the gallery line and immerse yourself in a unique installation by international artists.
The exhibition brings together heterogeneous works of different formats ranging from installation to graffiti, placing great emphasis on installation and immersive works that ask for the visitor's participation.

Christoffer Jörgensen - Dimitri Sevova - Jorge Moura - Marcelot - Nick Hess - Roberto Fabra - Sève Favre - Simon Epp

EXTRA The group exhibition will have an exclusive grand opening party in collaboration with Hybrid Art Fair. With the proposal of de Filippo Contemporary, the fair will present its new edition and will delight a select audience in an original event full of surprises.

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