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Christoffer Joergensen’s practice explores the complex interplay between material reality and the human imagination. Employing photography as a placeholder for our intuitive perception of the world, he subjects the medium to a series of transformations, at times alienating it to the point of abstraction. In the process of combining photography with other techniques, from ancient handcrafts to the latest digital software, he uncovers deeper, more timeless layers of reality.

Joergensen has been consistently refining and expanding on his long-term projects for the past 15 years. At the same time, his practice is rooted in today’s ever-evolving media and cultural techniques. His work mirrors the inner conflict experienced by so many, today, between the creation of an inalterable personal identity and life in a constantly changing world of interrelated systems and networks. It is faster and easier than ever to create and consume pictures, today. Joergensen reintroduces the elements of time and contemplation into the medium of photography by slowing down the production and reception of his pictures and video works. In his experience, art can give us timelessness only if we give it time.

Selected Artworks

# People & Hat
# Two Dudes
# (People & Hat)
# (Two Dudes)
Ort X-1
Ort X-2
The Pale Zone X-C_2019
The Pale Zone X-B_2019
The Pale Zone X-C
The Pale Zone X-B
Terrain 1
Terrain 1
Alle the time
Assemblage 0-B
Assemblage 0-B


Born              Denmark, 1978

Education      2014-2015 CAS Teaching Artist,

                     Hochschule der Künste, Berne

                     2002-2004 Master in Fotografie,

                     Royal College of Art, London
                     1999-2002 First Class Degree, BA

                     Honours, Byam Shaw School of Art,


Resides         Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland

Solo Exhibitions

2020              ALL THE TIME,, Zurich
2019              Dream Recall, Galleri Christoffer

                      Egelund, Copenhagen
2016              Altered States, Galleri Christoffer

                      Egelund, Copenhagen
2015              Melilla Panorama, Galerie F5, Lucerne
2015              Take Me There, Gallery Elena

                      Shchukina, London
2014              Among Them, ArtHobler, Zurich
2014              Sphere Frontier, Galleri Christoffer

                      Egeldund, Copenhagen
2013              YOU AND I ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT,

                      VOLTA 9 Messe, mit Galleri Christoffer

                      Egelund, Basel
2012              Union of Strangers, Galleri Christoffer

                      Egelund, Copenhagen
2012              Gaze, Galerie Müller, Lucerne
2011              Ohne Titel, Galerie im Zöpfli, Lucerne
2010              No Man‘s Centre, Galerie F5, Lucerne

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023              KI: Kausale Inferenz, Tankturm,

2023              Ars Electronica Festival, Live

                      Show Kollaboration mit Noémi

                      Büchi, Linz
2023              The Blood of a Poet,,

2022              Filter Bubble,,

2021              Summertime, Galleri Christoffer

                      Egelund, Copenhagen
2020              Summer Group Show, Galleri

                      Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen
2020              Hybrid Art Fair,, Madrid
2019              Xmas, Galleri Christoffer Egelund,

2018              Jahresausstellung Zentralschweizer

                      Kunstschaffen, Kunstmuseum Luzern
2017              Jahresausstellung Zentralschweizer

                      Kunstschaffen, Kunstmuseum Luzern
2016              Kunst Zürich Messe, Galerie ArtHobler,

2016              Kunst für Menschlichkeit, Tramdepot

                      Burgenziel, Berne
2016              Contemporary Visions, Beers Galerie,

2015              Map of the New Art, Benetton

                      Collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini,

2015              Artcontainer Steffisburg, Berne
2015              Wege der Menschlichkeit, 150 Jahre

                      Internationales Rotes Kreuz, Bourbaki

                      Panorama, Lucerne
2014              Kunst Zürich Messe, Galerie ArtHobler,

2014              Contemporary Art from Denmark,

                      European Central Bank, Frankfurt

Public Collections

2015              Dänish Chamber of Commerce
2014              European Central Bank,

2012              Kanton Lucerne
2010              Kanton Lucerne

Prizes and Grants

2021              NYCxDESIGN Award
2016              UBS Kulturstiftung, Grant
2016              Contemporary Visions,

                      competition Finalist, Beers

                      Galerie, London
2009              Arbejdslegat, Kunstfonden,

2008              Für Politikens Talentpris

                      nominiert, Copenhagen
2004              Thames & Hudson Book Prize,

                      RCA, London

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