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Sève is an interdisciplinary Swiss and Belgian artist working in painting, drawing, installation and digital.

In her artworks, she concentrates on transcending the classical boundary between the work and the viewer. The main feature of her art is interactivity. The key words that supports the concept is being in interaction (be together), variation (be different) and activity (be active). Sève's name for this experience is« intervariactivity ».

She want's to integrate the viewer into her art in a direct and tactile way. She combines this experience with a strong digital (virtual) focus and physical (real) way, through works on canvas, in situ installations, performances, happening or digital works and projects. Sève's interactive artworks engage the public in the artistic process in order to have an impact on their way of thinking about art and concepts. Her goal is to enable the viewer to understand the research and questioning that an artist asks himself during the process of experimentation and creation.

She has a predilection for mixed media processes including acrylic, pastel chalk, photo-transfert, drawing, cyanotype....

For the installations, she particularly appreciates in-situ installations that encourage experimentation by the public. In addition, for some of her artworks, she proposes interactive virtual duplicates with which the visitor can create his own composition and then participate in some art projects link to our relationship between the real and the virtual.

Sèves artworks thus become plural, personal, variable, changing, permanently reversible and therefore multiple. Each artwork, although unique, contains several possibilities because each modification made by the spectator induces a new design of the artwork.

She was introduced to arts from young age through Arno's Stern pedagogy based on freedom, sharing and non-judgmental experience. Later, she decideds to follow academic studies on Art History, Geography and contemporary History at University of Fribourg. She supplemented her master’s degree with a high school teaching diploma. She taughts for several years Plastic Arts and Art History. In parallel to her teaching job, she continued her education by taking several seminars and workshops at the Ceruleum Art School in Lausanne.

In the last 4 years, She fully devoted to the creation as well as the promotion of her artistic work in Switzerland and internationally. She has exhibited in Switzerland and abroad (Hong Kong, Italy, Argentina, ...) in Museum, Biennale (Bienalsur 2021, Biennale of Larnaca) ... or during residencies as in La Paternal Espacio Proyecto in Buenos Aires or ChaNorth Residency in State of New York.

Sève was nominated in the "Installation and Sculpture" category of the 14th International Arte Laguna Prize.

Selected Artworks

Vesperal Shiver, 2019, mixed media on canvas, 100cm diameter
Rising Embers, 2019
Disciplined Nebula, 2019
Vesperal Shiver
Rising Embers
Disciplined Nebula
Sensitive Peregrination, 2022
Captation Clouds, 2022
Captation Waterfall, 2022
Sensitive Peregrination
Captation Clouds
Captation Waterfall
Self Intervariactif Portrait
Goliarda Modesta
Self Intervariactif Portrait
Goliarda Modesta 
Amazing Robin I
Interagis Interactive digital double_ start in 2016 to now_website
Amazing Robin I
interactive digital double Amazing Robin I  2018
Être au pied du mur, 2021
Intervariactif Serial Hindered, 2019
Être au pied du mur
Intervariactif Serial Hindered


Born              tbd

Education      Misericorde University of Fribourg,

                     Switzerland and ULB, Brussels,

                     Belgium - Master of Arts Degree

                     and Post Grad for Higher Education

                     (Art History, Geography and History).

                     Professor of Art History and Plastic Art,

                     Etat Du Valais (CH) Higher School of

                     Commerce and General Culture,

                     Eccg, Sierre, Aout 2000 – Aout 2013

                     Ceruleum Art School, Lausanne

                     Additionnal Trainings and Workshops

                     between 2006 to 2016 
  Resides       Lives and works in Lausanne,


Solo Exhibitions

2022              Peregrinación, Dulce Estudio,

                      Buenos Aires.
2019              Multi-Touch, Gutenberg Museum,

                      Intervariactive Exhibition, Galerie Pirlot,

                      Transmutations, Galerie Rivoli, Genève.

2017              Intervariactif Pop Up, The Square,

                      Intervariactive Installation, L’étagère,


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023              Navigating the City, A Topos, SPARC,


2022              Last Words from the Periphery III, The

                      Off Space, Zürich
                      Les Archives de nos Utopies, Le

                      Manoir, Martigny.
                      SharExpo, Project restitution of “Art

                      en Partage”, Monthey.
                      The Creative Room #2 by A Topos,

                      SPARC, Venice.

2021              Contemporary Landscape, CICA

                      Museum, Gimpo-Seoul.
                      Echoes, A World between the

                      Analogue and the Virtual,

                      Bienalsur, Jeddah.
                      14th Arte Laguna Prize exhibition,

                      Arsenale, Venice.
                      Echoes, A World between the

                      Analogue and the Virtual,

                      Bienalsur, Riyadh.
                      Limitless Limits, Larnaca Biennale,

                      Larnaca, Cyprus.
                      Vanishing Point, Bienalsur , Centro de

                      Arte UNLP La Plata, Buenos Aires.
                      The Flux Review V-2 Exhibition,

                      Online Edition
                      Contemporary and Digital Art Fair,

                      CADAF, Online Edition.

2020              Emergent Vision, Uncovered

                      Collective, Peckham, London.
                      FATart : Women in Art, Kammgarn

                      west, Schaffhausen.
                      Contemporary and Digital Art Fair,

                      CADAF, Online Edition
                      Augmented Reality City Project,


2019              Art Next, PMQ, Central, Hong Kong.
                      Human Rights #Clima, Aiapi,

                      FondazioneCampana Dei Caduti,


2018              La Spontanéité, Lozart, Flon, Lausanne
                      Accessible Art Fair, Bozar, Bruxelles
                      FATart: Women in Art, Kammgarn West

                      Roy’s People Art Fair, Oxo Tower Wharf

                      Inauguration Season 2018, Panier

                      Culturel, La Datcha, Lausanne.

2017              Art Next , Art fair, PMQ, Central,

                      Hong Kong.

2016              Flon Art, Ceruleum, Lausanne.

Awards and Residency

2024              MASS MoCA Residency,

                      North Adams, USA
2023              Hello New York Artist Residency

                      by CPR, New York
                      Pedvale Art Museum and Park,

                      Domaine de BoisBuchet,

2022              La Paternal Espacio Proyecto

                      Residency, Buenos Aires,

                      Chanorth Residency by

                      ChaShaMa, New York

                      Finalist, 14th Arte Laguna Prize,

                      Sculpture and Installation 

2020              Finalist, New Emergence

                      Art Prize 2020

Collaborations and Mandates

SharExpo, Participative Art Project form “Art en

Partage”, State Canton of Valais.
Article Writing «Land Art & Urban Art»,

Graffiti Art Magazine, Issue 51.
Collaboration with Amitos for Workshop

2019, Mexico City,Mexico.
Participative Installation, Pop in the City,

2019 Lausanne Edition.
Comissioned artwork for a Corporate Image

Movie, under the realisation of

« Cheese and Chocolate Film SA », Zürich.
Mandates for Illustrations, 1DexMag

Number 1 an 2.
Fondation Room to Read, Zurich Chapter.

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